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I am an Internet Marketing Rehab Member

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I am an Internet Marketing Rehab Member

My name is Donald Ash and I feel like I'm in internet marketing rehab. I came to Affilorama because it's a IM safe haven, where people have your best interest in mind...

I originally started blogging with the Become A Blogger Course and I REALLY worked hard. For one year, every single day I wrote a new article and really pushed my self (http://thejapanguy.com). After not seeing any income, I fell into a deep depression. It was from that point that I started "course hopping." I've tried so many different courses that I'm embarrassed to even mention them all.

I would put in this crazy effort for a short time and then just burn out, thinking..."D@mn it, that course didn't work either."

When I came to Affilorama it was similar, I really tried and because I was struggling for money, I had to quit. Oddly enough, maybe three days after quitting (after putting in over two months of solid work), I got my first sale. Granted it was for only one of my three sites and I didn't get anymore after that. The other site I started during my Become a Blogger days started to make a very tiny recurring adsense income (only about $15-$20/month), too. But after I quit and had to keep looking at this depressed person in the mirror day in and day out, I started to understand that the only one responsible for my success...is me.

Despite my struggles, I have been so humbled by the Affilorama members who reached out to me, even after I had been gone for a while. Needless to say, I rejoined, and I won't be quitting this time. Seeing stories like Clayton Terao's or James Pruitt's are pretty humbling. I am so proud of those guys and I don't even know them very well.

This time, instead of running around trying to find the next best course that promises the world, and blaming other people for my failures, it's time to man up.

To those people who offered even tiny words of encouragement, I am so grateful to you.

and to Mark Ling...

I am so grateful to be trained by one of internet marketing's true good guys. I hope someday that I can make enough money so that I have to means to come to one of those big conferences to shake your hand in person.

I have found new inspiration to begin again. I'm going to be a lot more active in the forum this time around. So if ask a ton of questions or post updates that nobody cares about, I apologize in advance. I will have a different story to tell you all in the next 45 days...I promise you that.

I really believe this is possible...

Donald "One of Affilorama's Next Success Stories" Ash

P.S.-I apologize for just writing a book for a comment :)
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Thanks Donald - that's a lesson for all.

A good attitude is not all it takes to succeed, but a poor one is all it takes to fail.

Reminds me of that old saying, "People don't plan to fail - they fail to plan."

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Hi Donald,

That's great that you're picking yourself back up and getting to it!

I was just talking to a lady today that is very discouraged and told her to press on as work that you do today may not pay off immediately, but happened to you, suddenly a sale or two comes in from something you did and forgot about. That's why internet marketing can be so powerful, the accumulation of a lot of little things can add up to a massive amount!
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Great to see you doing well and not quitting I remember the old thread. The biggest missconseption Regarding Internet marketing as an affiliate marketer is amount of content needed to be published on regular basis in order to succeed. Anyone that is serious in the Aff game and want to succeed should publish at least 1000000+ Words a year. Now gurus who sell you products on how to do the IM thing won't tell you that its not a good sales pitch things needs to be quick and easy in order to sell.

Everything is doable you just need to understand the amount of work that is needed to put in to actually succeed and just do it. Good vid on just do it >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R9c0RAz678
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I look forward to see your input and become a more involved member here!
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Hi Donald,

I'm so glad to hear from you. :)

It takes much courage to stand up and get back into the game after being burned so many times... but you're absolutely right. The biggest major obstacle is ourselves. Our success is determined by our commitment to our endeavors.

Welcome back, and I hope this time you are staying! I wish you all the best in your endeavors!
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