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I am a CPA Marketer

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I am a CPA Marketer

This is a brief intro, cause I'm brand new here. I have been doing Cost Per Action marketing for this last year and I've been loving it! I'm here to see what this forum and site has to offer, and possibly even share some of my own personal secrets on how I get success on that game.

Secret 1... it's all about creativity

Okay, that wasn't really so much of a secret, but I get as creative as possible when getting traffic to my landing pages as well as when I am creating them.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting some of you on here and possibly collaborating on ideas, etc.
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Hi! Welcome to Affilorama :)

I'm looking forward to hearing more (secrets) from you :)
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Welcome to Affilorama CPA.

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I'm just now getting into cpa marketing. I'm being stubborn at the moment in using SEO for traffic. However, I have recently been working up the courage to do some rather creative marketing outside of my comfort zone. Just need to apply and get accepted to a few more cpa networks.

Looking forward to sharing with you,
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