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How to turn bloggers into affiliates?

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How to turn bloggers into affiliates?

I have a affiliate program set up as a vendor. I want to target bloggers! I understand there value and they can help grow your business. I know some bloggers want to monetized there blog.
I need some advice! How can I recruited them as marketing partners?
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You may try to manually search for bloggers and email them one by one with your offer. Aside from searching in Google, I also find LinkedIn a good place to search.

Good luck!
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I'm going through a similar process with my network. I've been searching linkedIn and also opprtunity to try and find email marketers and web marketers. It's a long, slow process.
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You can try searching for websites within the niche your product is in and get in touch with each of these bloggers/site owners about the possibility of reviewing your product and posting it on their site.

It is a long process, waiting for them to reply to your email making follow-ups, etc.

If you want to speed up the process, then consider joining affiliate networks like ClickBank. They have a pool of affiliates, most of which have existing websites, that can promote the product for you.
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Hi you can try click bank,it is big Affiliation company as they have number of affiliates and promote your product speedily.
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