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How to Track Traffic from articles, forum and yahoo answers

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How to Track Traffic from articles, forum and yahoo answers

I have read a lot about tracking where your traffic is coming from so you can put in more work to bring in more traffic from what is already working.

For my clickbank products, I plan to submit articles, use forum signatures and yahoo answers to get traffic. In all these, I have bought a domain and so will be able to put a link back to my website. Do I have to buy 3 different domain and use 1 for articles, 1 for forum and 1 for yahoo answers so I know exactly where my traffic is coming from?

I am wondering if there is a cleverer and cheaper way of doing it.

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You don't necessarily have to purchase three different domain names just to track where your website traffic is coming from. You can just install any stats application such as Awstats or Webalizer. Awstats for example will automatically track your website's most viewed pages, the external sites where your traffic is coming from (referrers), your visitors' IP addresses, search keyphrases, and a lot more. You can have Awstats installed directly from your Affilorama Hosting control panel.
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You can also use Google analytics to see where traffic is coming to your site from, and where it is going when they leave.
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