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How To Stay Motivated In Affiliate Marketing

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How To Stay Motivated In Affiliate Marketing

Yes, that is the prime question.

I'm in a real dry spell in terms of sales on my first site. I was getting about 1 per week. Now, nothing for almost 1 month. More site visits than ever though. I figure it's just the luck of the draw.

Is anyone able to offer some motivation?

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Hey Carl,

You just gotta push yourself through these dry patches. When I was first getting started, I went for almost 3 months before I started making sales. What helped me a lot was looking at other people that were already successful.

Are you and AB member? If so, go check out the "success story" thread. I must have read through that hundreds of times. Guys like Steven Parker and Jeremy (jem008) that posted their clickbank screen shots really kept me motivated.

At one point, I even took one of their screen shots and photoshoped the dates on it to be 3 months in the future. I printed it out and looked at it every day visualizing that that was my clickbank account.

I hope this helps.
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I think all affiliate marketers go through the same types of motivation issues at certain times. I know I certainly have and I have found the best to power through these tough times is to get really passionate about why you are doing what you are doing. Focus on what the end outcome is and really feel how the end result is linked in to your daily affiliate marketing tasks.

Another thing I find helps is to read a motivational book. For me it's The 4 Hour Work Week. That book kicks me into action everytime!
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Have you tried going to forums and just reading about all the success others are having and leaving links back to your site . My thing is planing a better campaign one that will go viral for sure. Or just do a hundred three step ads. google loves those things because they are covered in adsense ads and Google are greedy @#$%
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