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How to start my online shop?

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How to start my online shop?

Hey guys can you please suggest me some sites where I could start my online shop.
I already have a storefront but want to increase my marketing on an online platform and need help in choosing
A few of my friends suggested me Shopify and Squarespace.
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I suggest you check out Salehoo.com. They are a sort of one-stop shop for everything on selling online. Their main focus is dropshipping where you sell products without having to keep an inventory but they have information on getting and screening suppliers, putting up your store, etc.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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You can check out Shopify, where everything can easily be integrated. You can take Salehoo lessons and apply this to your Shopify store.
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I would recommend Shopify. I have 3 stores all on Shopify and I can't complain. Easy to set up, use, maintain. Fees are pretty decent. Lots of value. Plus, there is plenty of Shopify videos on youtube of people doing step by steps, giving advise, pretty much everything you can imagine.
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I think that Magento 2 is a good choice for an online shop.
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I can suggest you for few online business that are really profitable in these days. Everything that you like or need to start selling online today. It's important to decide what type of goods you want to sale online. You can also start an online clothing store or launch drop-shipping store and also can teach online courses or publish your own book or notes as you wish.
I hope you'll like the ideas.
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Hello there! I am a newbie here and really I liked your ideas.

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