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How to monetize a political site

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How to monetize a political site

About 6 months ago before I had heard about affiliate marketing I started a political (US) site hoping to make some money from adsense (all I knew) and products (shirts and stickers). After pouring several months into this site and getting nowhere I found out about affiliate marketing and stopped working on this site all together. Now I have it collecting dust and was thinking of selling it. I have learned a lot over the last several months but still can't think of a good way to monetize this site. With out generating any cash to speak of I doubt it would sell for much.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to monetize this site so that it would either be making some money or be saleable? I have about 1k in product that I would include in a sale for what its worth. I would love to keep the site but with out it generating any money I cant afford to spend time on it.

Any ideas?
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In a lot of the videos I've seen Mark do, he talks about thinking what the visitor to your site is wanting. So, what do you think the visitor to your site is looking for? What are they hoping to accomplish? What problem are they trying to solve? When you can answer this, then you might have a better idea of what type of product (physical or informational) that visitors to your site might be interested in.

In this case, since you are doing a political site, one possibility might be to promote books related to the type of thinking your site is promoting. I realize that the money might not be as great, but it is one idea.

Not sure what else to recommend, just of the brief look I had at your site, but hopefully what I said might give you something to think about.

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Does it have traffic?
Seems like the political stickers and T-shirts would sell.

Any how if you are already getting traffic, perhaps you could put general banners on it like weight lose or teeth whitening. You could visit the weather sites for ideas.

If it is not getting traffic I would just abondon it if you are longer interested in the site.
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J.C. Dean
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I would think that this type of site would be more a labor of love than anything else.
Mainly due to people having such different beliefs about politics.
I would more make it into a blog so people can comment.
Don't even focus on the $$ yet. Just get the traffic if you are passionate about the subject.. if not, it may bore the pants off you.
Not to sure about this one, but If you are thinking of selling it then you may want to target people who are very much into politics and the issues etc...
Best of luck.
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I agree with Troy. While your site looks really nice, you'll probably have to lean towards a blog environment if you want it to be successful. If you become a VIP member, there are political articles included in the 15k PLR Pack. You could rewrite them and then eventually spin them with AMA. The back links would drive traffic to your site.

Politics is a passion of mine and I've been thinking for a while now how I can create a site where people can interact. And if I can sell a few tshirts or bumper stickers in the process than great! With the 2010 midterm elections just around the corner, now may be the time to get this venture off the ground.

Good Luck!!
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When I built the site I didn’t know anything to speak of about SEO other than get backlinks. I spent days e-mailing every related site and requesting backlinks. It sounds like the general consensus is that without tons of traffic it will not really be a huge money maker. It is something that I love but right now I need to focus on things that produce income. I did try some PPC with the stickers and signs and never made a sale. I think someone would really have to enjoy the site to want to want to buy them as they arent "clever" or "catchy" which would help them stand alone. I think the book idea as and amazon affiliate makes the most sense. Not big $$$ but bound to make a few sales. Traffic is the other issue I would have to devote time to writing in order to write enough to have anything to rank for. Thanks for the tips. For now I fear it will collect dust maybe if things pick up in either my online or offline businesses I will have more time to devote to promoting it.
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