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How to make money on line?

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How to make money on line?

As an affiliate? or other? I started with rapbank, then clickbank. did not earned anything not even a single cent. Then I tried google adsense, started my website with coolhandle as domain host. tried few programs and app like
project first sale, but still not getting any income. I started
nearly a year ago and i've learned a lot but still not earning
money. I have about 25900 comments ( wp ) with regards
to my posts and blogs. What am I doing not right? ? ?
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You will need to re-evaluate everything. Start from analyzing your web traffic stats. Check your bounce rate and check the kind of keywords that drive traffic to your site. Once you do this, you can see the pages that need improvement and if there are unnecessary, unrelated keywords for your site, you also need to re-evaluate the keywords you use.

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Looks like you might have "freebie seekers" coming to your site, figure out what keywords are getting you visitors and try to target keywords that have more of a commercial intent.

You should look to build a site that provides value, then you can monetize it a lot more easily, with something like an email newsletter, because if you read Mark Ling's recent blog post, he said that authority site + e-mail list = $$$.

"Unless you have a big budget for doing media buys and driving traffic directly to CPA offers, then you'll need to do what I do, which is build authority sites, and build a newsletter mailing list." - Mark Ling
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Website building has a lot to do with earning money online I suppose. Web design plays a crucial role in online earning.
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Mary is right... re evaluation is a must. I am an affiliate, since long, and I am also not earning anything. My blog suggests, how to stay fit and energetic, and how to bounce back in life...when u have lost everything. My topic is good. I am also not earning anything, and I am following Mary's advice...Re evaluating everything from scratch... We can make an effort, We can give our best...let us keep doing that....
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Ashok Sinha
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Start by polling your audience.

Ask them what their biggest challenge is and what the ideal outcome they want is.

Also, if you're listing the number of wordpress comments you're getting, that tells me you're probably not building an email list.

You should build an email list.

Unless you hate making money.

So, step 1: Built an email list.

Step 2: Ask them what they want help with (set up a free survey on Google Docs. Should take you 10 minutes or less to do).

Step 3: Offer products that solve the problems they tell you about.
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Having a sound strategy helps a lot. Re-evaluate the site like Mary suggested, but this time make sure to focus on only one monetization. If it's AdSense then stick with that, if it's Clickbank or Amazon, then stick with those. Make sure your articles are optimized for your target keywords. It might also help to go over those keyword. Do you have mostly information keywords or do you have keywords with buyer intent?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi downunder1
I also joined the program PROJECT FIRST SALE because it was said to be free,but I found out that I had to buy DOMAIN& AUTORESPONDER amounting to $32.00 /month.I ran for the hills AND WAS NEVER REFUNDED-read CLICKSURE.
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You need to be building an email list!

If you skip this step, you will continue to struggle. Since you already have traffic coming to your existing website, get Aweber and put an opt-in box on every page. Make it a popup one.

Once you get subscribers, start delivering quality information to them and recommend your affiliate offers there.

Hope this helps.
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You can check your website structure again , make it search engine as well as user friendly too. Post unique and helpful content for readers. Places ads on right places so that you can earn money from you blog/website.
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