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How to Find Red Hot Profitable Niches

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How to Find Red Hot Profitable Niches

I have searched every page of the Google for "www.goto2.com/rpf" I could not find it. I am surprised but I found the videos for "www.goto2.com/rpf". Can anyone help as soon as possible before the offer on Rapid Profit Formula runs out tonight.
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I have the same problem. In fact this question is the only information that I could find about this product. Help someone?
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I do not have much knowledge about it.. but i will post here whats i got.

To find a profitable niche, you need to research keywords properly..

go to google keywords tools ----

Type any keyword you want and then see the keyword list carefully.. see the keywords that have less than 5,000 searches per month and average ppc is more than $2 per click then you can assume that profitable niche.

When you pick up any keyword, type that on google and see top 10 websites. if the websites in top 10 list are less than page rank 3 , then you can beat that by simply doing some quality seo for that particular keyword.

The main thing is that do not choose keywords that have too much monthy searches because its not easy to rank for that keyword ....

Always check ppc value of keyword.

Hope this will help you little bit.
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The link www.goto2.com/rpf is working on my end. Can you try using other browsers?

Let me know if you continue to have problems.
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Try this: type the full URL


into your browser's address bar and then press enter on your keyboard.
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