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How to drive traffic to my blogs???

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How to drive traffic to my blogs???

Hello! I'm kind of new to the internet marketing world and I have some questions to ask. I would like to know how i can drive traffic to my blogs. I have heard of article marketing but is there anything elese??? I have also heard about link directories and submiting to rss feeds but.... i don't really know. I actully would like to have like 4000 to 5000 unique visitors a month to my blog www.hollywoodclothingcatalog.com. And maybe 3000-4000 unique visitors a month to www.hollywoodtopnews.com

P.S.- I know i asked this alot but is $70K in the next 12 months resonable to earn?? I think it is!!
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I have found that participating on forums will bring traffic to your website. Provide value with your forum comments. This will cause your "Name Brand" to develop. Visitors to these other blogs and forums will check out your websites.

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You could increase traffic by providing fresh content that offers real value. Engage your visitors and give them articles that are interesting, relevant and useful. Fresh content keeps people coming back to your web site, again and again. If your content is good, your visitors would also post links to your site on their own websites for reference. This increases your web traffic and give better search engine results. Search engines love lots of high quality content so constantly updating your website will help you get higher rankings and increase sales.

Try to watch our free lessons on Marketing Ideas. You'll get some helpful tips on how to bring more traffic to your sites.

All the best!
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Hi Rhoda,

You need to actively promote your websites through social media sites as well as participate in forums and blogs within your niche. These two strategies not only give your site backlinks but get direct traffic to your site as well. Make sure that your blog comments and forum posts are informative and help add value to the discussion. Always keep in mind that you gain people's trust by helping them through insightful and helpful comments. Users are more likely to visit your site if they feel that they are bound to get more help from there.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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social media, blog commenting, guest posting, and social sharing/bookmarking is great for promoting a blog. however, it only works with really high quality content. your average affilaite site is too sales heavy and thin on the content to really get a good effect from these social sites. One thing to keep in mind from any kind of social traffic is that what others say about you and your site will always carry more weight than anything you say about yourself.

When going to these sites, don't focus on links, but on building relationships with the readers on those sites and the site owners. nurture those relationships, and you will profit from them long term. It takes some time. Starting out, most of your traffic will probably be the competition checking out your site, so it won't convert to a lot of sales. However, if you build a really good site, and produce high quality content, they will share your site with their following, and that is where you will really make a lot of money.

This is why some people work for months and then suddenly, seemingly overnight, they become a huge success.

One other thing to be careful of is when an opportunity arises, don't pass it up. I have had numerous opportunities that I didn't take advantage of, some of which probably could have exploded my business, if I had taken them when I had the chance.


I just found this list of over 500 blogs in various niches that accept guest posts:

http://www.buzzblogger.com/500-places-t ... r-content/

this is a great way to kickstart guest posting on blogs to build traffic. these are generally open blogs that allow anyone to post. then, as you start building a reputation using them, you will begin getting invites from other bloggers to guest post on their blogs. This will bring a ton of direct traffic to your blog, and give you a huge boost to your SEO strategy.
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You could focus on long tail keywords for each clothing article. For example, one post per article of clothing, in each post, include the main keyword and several related. Build links to each post by mostly targeting the main keyword. If you choose your keywords wisely, you probably won't have a lot of competition.

Once you have a lot of different posts, you will have visitors coming in by searching for that particular article of clothing which combined, could be quite a lot of traffic.
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thanks for a great tutorial, you have pretty much answered ALL questions! brilliant !
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In addition to what these people suggested, always make room for improvements. Develop your site more, your writing skills, and create richer contents - better if it could benefit more people. In this way, your site visitors may also recommend it to to others, thus increasing traffic to your site. You may add the "Recommend this site" to your site for better traffic results.
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