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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

Hello, i am an university student and i would like to earn some money online, i heard about affiliate marketing thanks to my friends who work with affiliaxe without owning any kind of website, they just buy some banners on facebook and they earn money. I don't want an huge quantity of money like 1000 dollars per month, even 400-500 would be fantastic for me. Where can i find topics, videos, about affiliate techniques without using websites? I would like to start from that, then go for websites.
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We offer free lessons in affiliate marketing, you may find them here. However, we strongly suggest that you get your own website because this will give you more control in terms of your content and marketing.

But if you are really interested in promoting affiliate links without a site, you may check out free hosting sites like Weebly, Blogspot or Tumblr. You may also promote your affiliate links in social media like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.
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You can also include your affiliate link in splash pages. As a matter of fact there are many sites that host splash pages for free across the Internet. That means you can get traffic via SEO if you advertise through splash pages.
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Hi Federico,

It sounds like your friend is using Facebook Ads to make people click directly to an affiliate offer. Personally, I have never used this method but I have heard it can work.

Mary is right though, you may want to have your own website. Owning your website gives you more control over your business. Another benefit is you can build your email list from your visitors.

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