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How tech-savvy does someone need to be to do this?

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How tech-savvy does someone need to be to do this?

Have you started without much tech-knowledge and found success? How?

Do you think it's possible for people without much computer experience to become affiliate marketers?

What kind of basic skills would you say are required?
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Technically, you don't need any experience to become an affiliate marketer because you can outsource all the things you don't know or don't have the time to do. There are a lot of very successful affiliate marketers out there that don't know the first thing about computers or web sites.

That being said, if you don't have the budget to outsource, then you need to learn these things yourself, because that is the only method that is free, at least that doesn't cost you money. It will cost you your time, however, and a lot of it.

Personally, I believe everyone should have a working knowledge of every aspect of this business if they want to achieve any measure of success. Even if you don't code your own websites, you should at least know how so you don't have to call a designer every time you have an issue with your site. You should know also know about seo, social media marketing, ppc advertising, solo advertising, even if you're not the one doing the actual work, your success still depends on what you choose to put on your sites, so you should be familiar with what makes this business tick.

When I first started, I didn't know anything. What I did have was passion. It doesn't bother me to sit all day in front of a computer. Now I know how to code with html, css, and php. I am a master of wordpress. I can even do a little graphic design. The best part is that with my knowledge, I have been able to build a lucrative business doing freelance work in these areas.

Affiliate marketing is one of those businesses that's easy to start. You can slap up a site, put up a few links and you're in business. The hard part is making your business grow. There's a huge learning curve. The sooner you get started, the better. 90% of what I know, I learned on YouTube. I would get stuck on a certain part of a website, say using a certain plugin, then I would watch a youtube video about it. When I first bought the affiloblueprint, I would watch a lesson Mark would teach, then I would go and watch three different videos on the same subject. Now five years later, I may not know as much as Mark does, but I know a whole lot more than I used to...lol
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It's possible for any one to go into affiliate marketing, but there are a few pre-requisites so to speak : commitment, flexibility and the will to make it work.

You don't need to be tech-savvy to be an affiliate marketer. What you need is to be open-minded and eager to learn. You will pick up new new vocabulary along with new skills. Learning can be challenging so you need to have that eagerness and commitment to continue.

As a new marketer you will encounter plenty of obstacles, and you need to have the will to overcome these challenges and the flexibility to adapt to what comes your way.

I remember Mark saying in his Millionaire Mindset video that there will always be challenges in affiliate marketing, like in any business endeavour. What matters is how we react to these challenges.
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No you do not need to be tech-savvy to start with affiliate marketing business. A LOT of experienced affiliate marketers are not tech-savvy. BUT this does not mean that affiliate marketing is easy. Yes it can be done by anyone, including total newbies (people without knowledge and experience with html codes or programming or even basic computer knowledge).

However (and I agree with Cecille that) what you need most is the will to pursue this goal of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. This will mean that no matter how hard the challenges are you make them work for you. If you fail, you still make this as an advantage to pursue even more.
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gina.broom wrote:Have you started without much tech-knowledge and found success? How?

Do you think it's possible for people without much computer experience to become affiliate marketers?

What kind of basic skills would you say are required?

Aside from all the good advice posted here already, I think the most basic skills to learn is putting up a wordpress site.

Wordpress is very intuitive and in less than a week you can have a website up.

From there, you're goals will tell you what else you may need to learn and go do that. When I started looking at things this way, I cut down on the noise and information overload on how to market online.
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With the amount of free training/guides available on the internet, combined with the quality of software and services available for building websites etc, it's become very easy for people with no previous knowledge to become successful affiliate marketers.
I have a guy on my network who knew literally nothing about setting up websites, didn't know what SEO was etc when he first approached me.
He now has 3 sites running and is getting into email marketing as well.
Quite impressive for a guy who had only previously used a computer for email and internet surfing!
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