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How's It Going For the Newbies From Bootcamp?

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How's It Going For the Newbies From Bootcamp?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering how everybody who followed the boot camp is doing. I was on board with the boot camp from the beginning, so I've been at it since late December.

For me, I built 2 sites following the boot camp strategy. I have 1 sale from click bank. I have one keyword on the 1st page of google. Other keywords are ranging beyond page 1 of google and many not showing up in traffic travis. I followed Mark's back link strategy plus I am using a variation of the Mr. K strategy along with some tips from a guy named the Lemonarian. I'm working this strategy keyword by keyword. I have a regular full time job, so I can't do as much as I'd like.

Frankly, I'm not getting the kind of traffic I need to really start converting. The first site is getting about 10 visits per day according to g analytics and the 2nd site is getting between 0 and 6 visits per day. I've been focusing all my energy on the first site and have seen a bit of an improvement, but nothing earth shattering by any means. The second site is suffering from lack of attention.

I realize that google position is key, but many of the sites in front of mine are simply ezinearticles, amazon.com, nextag.com, etc. My keywords are simply not moving.

I have not been disappointed in the number of hops given the traffic because I usually get about 2-4 hops per day, but like I said, the traffic volume is dismal. I'd like to get both these sites up to over 200 visits per day. The combined monthly searches by keyword for both these sites in google is over 123,000.

I'm convinced I've done something wrong, like my on page articles aren't working, my off site SEO sucks, etc., etc.

Just for reference, I have 9 articles spun on AMA with 493 published. Plus, Magic Article Submitter for a few keywords. No duplicate content. And, I did as much forum linking as I could find for the subject related forums and then some for forums that had nothing to do with the niches. Gov and Edu links were a stretch, but I had a few. Then, I did tons of social bookmarking with twitter, Digg, delicious, stumbleupon, 2.0 link wheelies, and RSS feeding. I've noticed that some of my forum links are no longer showing up in TT, even though I took some care to avoid making BS posts.

Both sites are PR 1. I'd like to do a email list, but I really don't feel I have enough visitors yet to justify sending a weekly newsletter. Or should I?

I'm beginning to feel like I'm climbing a mountain that has no peak. I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same kind of results? And, if there is a super mod here who would like to take a look at one of my sites, I'd be very appreciative.


p.s. Before becoming a premium member, I built a blog in the online gaming niche by following the free tips here and trying to copy the appearance of wowblackbook.com. The site was a mess and only incorporated bits and pieces of what I could pick up before becoming a premium member. The site did well and I had some decent traffic plus growing sales. The site was shut down by Zynga, but I resurrected it with a different domain/appearance. I've done nothing to this site except let google know it was transferred. It has continued to rise in the SERPs, but the demand for the game guide declined drastically. And, people are refunding at almost 30%.
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Completed the Bootcamp, got my blog up and running and then flicked across to the Blueprint course to see which would be more effective.

My Bootcamp blog is about 2 months old and getting about 1000 visits a month with b-all linking and 'love' . I have made one sale, but thanks to the AB course I can now see where I could do waaayyy better with it so I'll go and tweak - it once I've got my AB site finished.

Still not entirely sure that as a consumer I like the blog format either so may end up turning my posts into pages a-la AB style.....but we'll see.

How's everyone else doing?

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Hey Carl,

I haven't done the bootcamp, so I don't know exactly what it covers, but right now it sounds like you need to focus on getting more traffic.

I have a couple of websites, and I've noticed that my best ones tend to rank first for product reviews, followed shortly after by content articles.

Spend your time building backlinks to review pages. These usually don't get much traffic, but the little traffic they get converts pretty well. Then you should focus on your content articles.

AMA takes some time to really kick in. Most of the blogs in their network are PR0, so Google doesn't pick up your spun articles for quite some time. I've had AMA for about 6 or 7 month with about 10,000 articles published. I'm only getting about one-tenth of those backlinks showing up. If you need some quick backlink love, submit some articles to a bunch of article directories. These backlinks get picked up a lot faster.

The one thing I regret not doing is not building an e-mail list sooner. I'm trying to get to 100 or 200 subscribers on my e-mail lists so I can do a special bonus ebook giveaway (kind of like Frank Kern's "4 Day Cash Machine" or whatever it was called). Put up an opt-in form and start collecting e-mails. If you need content for the newsletter, dig around on the affiliate resources page of some of the programs you're promoting and see if they have any e-mails or articles you can use.
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If you are going to go the SEO route to build traffic then you need to understand that it is going to take a long time, even if you are using link wheels and web 2.0 marketing it is not effective as it once was but still definitely worth doing.

SEO is almost a boring, repetitive and mechanical process and you have to tread it this way to get high rankings. This is why most people look for a magic bullet because it is so boring!

But that is the game! If your looking for additional sources of traffic then take part in high quality blog commenting on popular niche specific blogs and forum posting.

You could ramp things up with paid traffic such as PPC or PPV.

Also I agree with clayton, the best time to start an email list is YESTERDAY!
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I fully agree with the above, SEO is very time consuming, repetitive, and if your not remotely interested in your niche then you will find it very dull indeed.

For most folks it seems to be a case of doing it yourself until you have enough money coming in to either pay someone else to do your backlinking, or just pump cash into paid advertising. Obviously forking out money can be risky which is why we all start by doing all the SEO ourselves.
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Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. I'll keep moving onward.
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