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How's everyone doing - Share your successes in AM

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How's everyone doing - Share your successes in AM

i just thought i would start a topic to see how some of the affilorama members are doing kinda a place you can brag about how good things are going for you so don't be shy!
just a when ya got into online marketing
were your up to now!

i guess i'll start
ive been following the biz for 7 years half started alot of things made a few dollars along the line nothing real big always seem to do things the hard way using free hosts and free tools coz i was to tight to get the $$ out so it was just a hobby lost alot of traffic and sales because of being dumb not paying for a good host wish i had of just got stuck in and done what i knew right instead of finding ways around it so 7 years later and now im doing things the right way well at least i hope its right starting from $0 and debt lets see how it goes

will keep ya posted
whos next?
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I think I'm next...

I came to the online business world in late 2006, and didn't made some pennies for a couple of week, clicking on crazy paid to surf stuff... Until I got interested in the forex market. I got into a newsletter (that was excellent by the way, the best in the whole market.. a little bit like Mark is teaching us) and started to learn.

And guess what?

The forex site owner was a savvy Internet marketer and send an email to all his lists about affiliate marketing. In fact, it was an affiliate training to sell his products. Smart move. It was $197 for 3 months of coaching, and I didn't have a penny. Since I'm an action man, I immediately sent him an email... And I got accepted for free. A couple of weeks later, I make my first commission in the forex market ($250). Immediately after that, I get sub-affiliates selling for me (powerful stuff). And then, after I (and many other members) make truckload of money for him, the man disappear and don't pay us.

I (and some others) was about to go and find him at home (I'm an ex body guard...), but I let it go. After this, I came back to zero because of info overload... Until I find Affilorama, and start making real money, getting top search engine rankings for my site... and now, I even have my own products (excellent to build a list of buyers), but I am not really marketing them because I enjoy marketing affiliate programs (no customer services.... prefer to be offline...)

Affilorama got me focused and on the right track.

Now, being your own boss is difficult. I didn't really work since February 2008. Time to be more serious and building truckload of affilorama websites.

It's a long post. Doh.

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Thats cool Frank! and good to hear,

Well I have been on and of also since 2006 and had not made 1 red cent until recently...That info overload can really throw you way of te beaten track!

My biggest struggle is learning the html web design side, as havealways been a hard working practical learner, but one step at a time and I know that I will get there... My success is purely from bum marketing writing articles, sending them threw a redirect domain, and so far I have been able to average a couple a hundy a month... So I am feeling confident and happy too! :) converting to NZ dollars at the mo its great...

I have tried a bit of adwords but have just lost money there! what a rip..

Kia Kaha My bros!
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My turn! :-)

I started off in affiliate marketing in 2006, seems a life time ago now. I was experimenting with a few things online, mainly ebay. I was doing quite well with the program salehoo for a while importing and selling electrical stuff, but it was just too much work, packing and shipping products, not to mention the custoomer service side of it. It was there when I was first introduced to affiliate marketing (a small ad in the top left of the page I was on actually). I didn't have a clue what it was but I was up for anything that could possible make me more money.

Needless to say I checked it out, read the sales page on Marks old version of the site, I was impressed and signed up right away. It took me 3 months of hard graft to get a penny. Anyway, since then I have built a few affiliate sites up and make a few hundred a month now, nothing special, but considering it's not my main business it's not half bad as a second income.

I now work as a freelance seo consultant dealing with small businesses. I guess I just found the SEO side of affiliate marketing the most interesting and exciting. I have been doing this now for over a year and doing fairly well so far. I don't have a clue where I would be if I didn't find that ad on the salehoo site, probably still running back and forward with parcels to the post office :-)

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