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How NOT to outsource

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How NOT to outsource

787 Dreamliner teaches Boeing costly lesson on outsourcing

A classic example of how NOT to outsource. The problem is not in the fact that they outsourced the work; it is rather in the fact that they did not provide a tried and tested business process when they outsourced.

The "full name" of outsourcing is business process outsourcing (BPO). This means that you must first establish a business process that works for you before you outsource anything. Establishing a business process will allow you to guide your BPO worker(s) effectively as well as provide you with realistic expectations in terms of timelines and results, and thus get optimal benefits from outsourcing.
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I totally agree..
I recently read the 4 Hour Work Week, and it was an awesome book, but most people don't realize, he was successful doing things himself and then outsourced tasks later. I think this is one thing many people struggle with. If you don't at least understand the process it will be hard for you to really succeed at hiring outsourced workers.

Thanks for sharing Fara..
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man Outsourcing an Boeing 787. Wonder how much they outsource, if its the entire process it might be so time consuming to just document the process as using in house people to build it. Generally speaking in standard it business not Internet marketing from what i know is that as much as 50% of all outsourcing projects fail between companies. And the problems is almost always the same.... Lack of communication or communication error. Intresting read indeed.
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I have made some silly mistakes the few times that I have outsourced in the past. Maybe what I learnt from those mistakes will help someone?

First of all I'd advise anyone to take time and don't try to rush any aspect of the project.

It's really important to fully explain what it is you want. This seems obvious but given your own closeness to your ideas, you can easily find yourself 'expecting' a writer for example to just 'get it', leaving out what to the provider could be an important detail they had not considered.

As individuals, we can and often do interpret things differently... Creating a detailed brief spanning the requirements of your project will not only help you to better understand the true nature of what you're aiming to produce, but also highlight any ambiguity.

Of course, a smaller project is much easier to define, but larger projects can be tricky.

Don't be too quick to accept proposals... I found that proposals will basically say.... 'I can give you everything you want and I am the best'!

But can they and are they? Though there are many good providers, there are always going to be those out to try and fool you.... On one occasion, a sample article was offered to me by a provider as evidence of his capabilities when in fact he'd just ripped it of someone else's blog! This nearly slipped past me and if I had not have discovered this, I would have ended up paying for a batch of articles belonging to someone else... not good.

... before you employ for an important project, post small jobs first and use several different providers. This way you can compare and pick the provider that satisfies your requirements closest.

An old saying I take to heart is 'fail to prepare and prepare to fail'...

Time is the biggest enemy of us all but, time spent in preparation is most important. I never have enough hours in the day and so I know from personal experience that this produces a pressure of sorts (If you find yourself in this position - just take a step back and look, rather than force a decision you're not ready to make).

I say this because when I have outsourced, it's time pressures, be it self inflicted or otherwise that lead me to outsource in the first place.. I think that in the past I have used this as an excuse to neglect some of the stuff that I already talked about.


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