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How My Blog Ranked #1 On Google

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How My Blog Ranked #1 On Google

Hey Guys,
So I have this post that has been on google's number 3 page for the longest while. So after all my SEOing, keywords, meta tags and all that good stuff, my blog only fluctuated on the page three, no progress really. According to my keyword search the competition was low for that keyword, but I guess everyone else was just using a better strategy that me. I did work my magic based on stuff that I learnt and.....
Today I saw my page on Google's page one, I still cant believe it, I really wonder If I am seeing right, its simply too good to be true!

What did I do?
• You always hear that backlinking is important. Well I did start linking my pages to my social media for one and I also submitted a post with my site to street articles and I did a video, posted it on my blog, on youtube, daily motions, veoh and vzaar. I actually wanted to use tube mogul but i simply dont know how to use it. What is tube mogul? According to a marketing expert that I listened to tube mogul is platform that distributes your uploaded video to all the popular video hosting site and they will get ranked on google, some of them on the front page too. since I didn't know how to use it I had to upload my videos manually to the hosting sites. If anyone knows how to use tube mogul or figures out how you, you can share it here. Maybe I was doing something wrong.
• I used Humans.txt. It’s a text file that you can upload in your site (pretty much the same as Robots.txt, but this file is both for humans and web crawlers) that includes information about the creator of the website. I did this so that when the search engines crawled my site they can see that my site and its content is trustworthy and they will more likely rank me over someone else who they dont think is trust worthy enough.

What am I gonna do next?
More backlinking!! More directories!! Discover more avenues to rank!!

I hope helped you in someway!!
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You should do blog commenting and post site URL in forum posts to get more traffic.
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That's true Simran....thank you for being helpful....
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Thank you so much for sharing great creative resources to follow! I really appreciate it.
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