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How Much Commission to Charge?

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How Much Commission to Charge?

Greetings. I stumbled across Affilorama just this morning by accident and joined. What a great site with lots of information for the newbie!

Timely, too, because a few hours later, I answered an ad for an "Internet Marketer". I replied and the guy called me. He has something that he wants to sell over the Internet. I told him that I am getting into Internet affiliate marketing. He's willing to work with me.

When the question of compensation for me came up, I didn't have clue. The item that I am going to try to market for him costs $2,000 apiece. How much commission per sale should I charge him? I was thinking 50%, or $1,000 apiece. Is that reasonable? Too high? Too low?

TIA, and thanks again for this great resource that Affilorama is and offering it free of charge.
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Hi DL,
Tell him that usually get 70% commission from Clickbank.
So ask for around 50% to %70%.
If it's a digital product then 75% is reasonable.
If it's a physical product then 50% is fine.
Just my opinion, welcome to Affilorama.
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for downloadable products ask for 70% and let's see where you will meet.

For physical products it depends a lot on what it is and how much margin there is in after production costs etc. This can vary in between as much as 50% (nutrition supplements, health and beauty products) to as little as 5% (e.g. amazon.com products) or even less.

But it's always good to ask and negotiate for a higher than their standard commissions. Of course you will be in a better position after generating some sales within a relatively short timeframe.

What else I noted, that the product will be about USD 2,000 in final pricing?

This will be a good commission for each sale... IF you can sell it. I'm just saying this as high priced products usually do not convert too good. It may take weeks or month before actually selling one, maybe not even one in a year if you cannot get enough targeted traffic to your affiliate website.

Most of the time affiliates can make more money on lower priced products which you can send sales for at a much higher volume.
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