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How many sites can you make in a month?

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How many sites can you make in a month?

Hi Guys

Just trying to do some sums and was just wondering how many sites you are able to create in a month and what is you average income from your sites combined per month if you don't mind me asking.

I've already created a few sites, but as I was learning as I went and making my mistakes I've found that I am a little slower than a I thought so thought I would check out what everyone else was doing.

Looking forward to all your answers

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When there's nothing else to distract me, I can make a website in about 2 or 3 weeks without any outsourcing. The more sites you have, the slower you'll be building them because you have to go back and make sure your older sites are still growing and doing okay.

The amount of money you make will vary a lot. It depends on the quality of your keywords, the niche you're in and how eager they are to buy, your SEO strategy, and if you're doing PPC.
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Hi Kerry,
If you have the funds to outsource then do it.
You will save so much time by outsourcing it, especially the articles.
I always recommend that you should start off with a site about a topic/niche that you have an interest in or know about.
It makes it much easier to start. Even if it does not make money.. you will learn allot as you go.

Nothing wrong with having allot of sites as long as your not chasing your tail as Clayton said.
It is easier to work on 2 sites and get them to making $50 a week than to work on 10 sites and make $50 a week, just doing it by yourself. That is why Mark teaches people to outsource when they can.

There is a good video on that here..

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