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How many products should I promote?

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How many products should I promote?


I am new to am and am about to put some sites together, however I am a little confused as to how many products to promote on one site. Some gurus seem to say ONE product per site, others 3 per site, and if you review 6 products I guess you are promoting 6 products, plus is it good or bad to distract people with google ads?

a little confused....
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It is usually a good to promote a few products. Maybe 3-5. That way if one product goes out of business or whatever, you still have other things to promote.

Decide from the get-go if you're site is going to be an affiliate site or an adsense site. Don't mix them. It would be a pity to send a visitor away from your site for a few pennies in adsense when you could have gotten a $25 commission by sending them to an affiliate offer.
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First, welcome.

Secondly, I wouldn't recommend that you start creating several sites at the same time. Pick ONE niche, build a site, and once you finished the site, you can build a second one.

As for adsense ads, Clayton advice is what I recommend.

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You can also have just the one product on all your pages but have 1 page dedicated to 5 different products to review.
Remember, there is no right or wrong way and everyone will be different and have different results.
Whatever you do just learn from them as you go along, you will soon sort it out and know which direction to take.

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I recommend no more than six products maximum for your site. In order to do all your products justice you'll certainly have your hand full in your various promotions. I agree don't send your customers off with an adsence ad. Talk about leaving money on the table!
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Finally... build an affiliate site that WORKS.

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