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How many products do I put on a review site?

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How many products do I put on a review site?

i am just curious to find out if anyone knows if it is ok to use more than 3 products to promote on my first site? i was looking at the example "wow black book" i it seems as thought there were alot more products on that site.. i know mark is a pro at what he does. i was just wondering if it might be a little easier to get the 30 pages of content needed to fill the site... any help would be greatly appreciated
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I have 5 on my site. more products means more chances of having what someone is looking for. Just try to target your products on your article pages to the topic of the article
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Hi ChazNicky,

Review pages convert very well for me. I totally agree with jmpruitt and the more review pages you have, the better. You will not have as much traffic for these pages but the conversion is much higher.

I have one site that has 15 review pages (not all created at once!) This is working out great because most of the merchants open and then close the sites due to launches. I still build links to my pages and when the merchant opens the next launch for the same product...Wham! I get these hugh spikes in commissions.

All from review sites that people are searching on.

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