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How Many Clickbank Accounts Do You Have?

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How Many Clickbank Accounts Do You Have?

I see where Mark has like 50 clickbank accounts (maybe I'm exaggerating) but I'm wonder for the reason for that. I realize he's also a product owner.

But I'm wondering if there's a strategic reason as an affiliate to have multiple CB accounts. Anybody wanna weigh in on this and enlighten me? :)
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there is lots of reasons for having so many accounts
when your just starting out there is no need to.

but once you are making some big numbers you might want to have more then one account so not all your money is in one as if somthing went wrong and your account got froze you wouldn't want you income to stop all together anything can go wrong your account could get hacked even,
also when you have lots of sites making lots of sale it can be easier to keep track of things having a account for each niche as i said there are many reasons i can think of that is just a couple.
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To add to the above reasons of the last post, you may also prefer one ClickBank account to send you cheques, where the other a direct deposit, or both direct deposits but to different bank accounts.

But as EvoBIlly says, its only when you are hitting the high figures that you will want to look into htese various options, beginners dont need too.

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