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How I made $1000 doing nothing this week

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How I made $1000 doing nothing this week

Hi again everyone, I know this title sounds spammy but Its as close to honest as it gets.

A while back I completed a website for a new neighbour down the road, they had just moved in and I struck a conversation with them as they were moving their stuff in to their home. They were explaining about their business and how they were not happy with their current designer/developer for their site.

I told them that I build sites for a hobby and after much conversation and a few weeks later, I went around and helped them out on a few bits with the computer setup. They were always very friendly and always ended up staying for food. The person runs a limousine business, we actually ended up getting quite friendly, so for a good cause I decided I would help them free of charge.

I built them a website, took only the costs that I spent and from then on and we have always been helping each other out, them driving me to places, me helping with their comp, you get the picture.

Anyway a few months down the line to the current time, one of his business friends who deals with quite expensive real estate was interested in my work after seeing his site, we got in contact and had our first meeting yesterday.

In all honesty, I was kind of nervous, it was a flush building and felt like the dredded stages of an interview but after settling in, my swag came back and I was able to express what I could do for their business needs more eloquently.

I told them for a customised site to list their estate buildings would start at $2500, I already have a few connections in the coding and programming field and have also found a commercial script which is perfect for all our needs.

The estimation costs through my programmers will be approximately $1500, which will require me to do some work but focussing more on the marketing side which is what I love to do. But even if its more, I have set the minimum price at $2500, so in a worst case scenario, to walk away with $300 - $1000 I will be more than happy.

So just for being able to sort this out, a few connections, some experience with coding and design, I am able to make a substantial amount of money doing much less work than I would have usually done.

Considering how much work I usually put into a site built from scratch, this does feel like nothing. Obviously there will be more follow ups, more meetings, getting feedback and making further customisations, I have also layed out a beautiful indesign template which describes the exact plan, like building a custom CMS and so on.

This is a win win situation

I have learnt these 3 things this week:

Merging local business with online business is a beautiful thing.
So is Karma
I need to learn to be the middle man more

All the best
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Hey just want to know that is it ok to get these kind of money as we are might hurting someone with this kind of money
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meaynrand wrote:Hey just want to know that is it ok to get these kind of money as we are might hurting someone with this kind of money


In response to original, that's great! There are so so many ways that you can connect buyers with providers and make a handsome profit from the transaction.
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Hey just want to know that is it ok to get these kind of money as we are might hurting someone with this kind of money

I don't understand how you can hurt someone if you know that you are providing them value or good service. As long as you check all options for your client and provide them good service in a reasonable price then I don't see anything wrong with it.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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