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how does everyone get away

mark schaaf
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how does everyone get away

I have been doing the on line thing for a little over a year and although I have always been a little bit of a workaholic I seem to be much worse while working for myself, my last job I normally worked 5 ten hour days and half to three quarter days on saturday.

Now I feel compelled to work all the time, when i first started I tried selling stuff for click bank after joining MMM and learning from what they showed me and sold about as much as I was spending on ppc so I stopped and read some stuff that many people were talking about, then for about 4 or 5 months I spent just about all day everyday building a real nice web site,

I would write articles and read them and re write them over and over again for my site to make it the best I could. After I put the site up on the web I spent the last 3 or so months writing articles for article submission sites, submitting my site to directories, adding myself and my site to social bookmarking sites. When I am not doing that I am reading everything on line I can about how to get more back links along with checking how many back links i have. I put up a lens on squidoo, and a Hub on hub pages.

I know that if i keep at it good things will come. Some days when i start in the morning I just don't know where to begin and don't know what I want to do that day but I always do something. which I guess is my problem I just feel so compelled to do something everyday to make things happen. I kind of feel if i don't figure a way do make myself take a day off I might get burnt out. What does everyone else do to make themselves take a day off, thanks
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Hey Mark. I have been there myself. the other side is that if you keep working like that you will make yourself sick (I did). I was working myself 15+ hour days trying to build things up. of course needing to pay bills was a huge factor in that, but it still is not good for you.

What you need to do is spend time setting goals for yourself. Every week, I plan what I want to accomplish the next week. I usually plan out about -4 hours of necessary work to get done for each day of the week. When I start each day, I get those things done first before checking emails or anything else. Then, after the work I have to get done is finished, I will check out forums, blogs, emails and other stuff to fill in the rest of my work day.

One problem I see that stops a lot of people from succeeding is that they don't plan ahead. they just randomly go at things without really any focus. If you plan at least 1-2 hours of work to do each day, then when you get up its a lot easier to get going. I often find that once I get going, it is much easier.

when I set my weekly schedule, I also make sure that I schedule myself a day off. Sometimes I still spend at least part of that day doing random stuff, like commenting on the forums and answering emails, but generally, I try to take that time off, go out with the family, or whatever comes up.
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Mark, it's a good idea to outline a process you're going to follow for each new site so you get into a rhythm. You should be following the Affiloblueprint process if you're not, Mark Ling outlined the process he uses with every new site he builds.

A simple process could be:

1. Pick your nich
2. Keyword Research
3. Domain Purchase
4. Wordpress install with plugins
5. Keyword Research
6. Onsite Article writing
7. Posting onsite articles/scheduling
8. Offsite Article writing/Spinning
9. Offsite article posting
10. Backlinking everyday

That's just a simple process I came up with off the top of my head and I'm probably missing some things but you get the idea. Keep in mind each step might just take a few hours or might take a few days. In general you can pretty much have an entire new site up and running in 4 days. With the right process that site will be making sales within 3-4 months.

It's not important to have the "perfect" site your first time. The quicker you can build your first "Affiloblueprint" type site, the quicker you're gonna learn from your mistakes.

Expect to fail and don't worry about doing everything perfect. As you work through your process and the more consistent you get at it, the more you're gonna learn so you avoid the pitfalls the next time around.

But to answer your real question. Once you have your process defined, you're making money, then you will have more free time and it's just a matter of Managing your Freelancers who work YOUR process. Once you get to the point of managing Freelancers you will have a ton of free time.
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Hi Mark,

I have the same problem myself; I tend to work and work and work and feel guilty when I take a day off.

So what I do is, on Friday night, I literally lock up my laptop in this old wooden seaman's chest after burying it deep under the layers of old, unused garments that I keep in the chest, and then I lock the key to the chest in one of the cubbyholes of my office desk.

That means that if I am to get to my laptop at all on the weekend, I will have to unlock twice and take out all those pieces of clothes and then put them back in after taking the laptop out. Which is a lengthy process and helps discourage me from working on weekends :)
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I think if you have a full time job, then being an internet marketer can take up alot of spare time.
But, I take every Sunday off. And if I can't I take the Saturday off... or I take my wife out for a coffee on Monday Morning just to get out of the house and have a nice chat with her about "Stuff" lol

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You could also try outsourcing your article writing, there are many freelance copywriters who will write articles for you, they do all the research on your topic as well. It usually costs about $2-$10 per article with is worth it considering how long it takes to research your topic and to write the article.

Then you can even set these articles up to get automatically posted to your blog.

I do this regularly, especially over the school holidays when the kids are home, it frees up my time to spend it with my family.
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mark schaaf
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Thanks for all the ideas and I do have a game plan for what I am doing on a day to day basis it is just some days I can't decide what I want to do first and second and third. Part of my problem is I don't seem to want to let anyone do anything besides myself maybe because I am the only one who knows exactly what I want, also most people talk about posting on a blog but I don't have a blog on my site, I have many pages with a lot of information and I have a lot of articles in different places but no blog, should I have a blog and how difficult is it to add to my site, thanks
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My wife makes sure I take plenty of time off.

Everytime I get in the grove she will yell, "it's your turn to clean the breast pump!", or something equally distracting.
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J.C. Dean
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mark schaaf wrote:also most people talk about posting on a blog but I don't have a blog on my site, I have many pages with a lot of information and I have a lot of articles in different places but no blog, should I have a blog and how difficult is it to add to my site, thanks

Are you asking about putting comments on other people's blog site? Blog commenting is a great way to build backlinks and increase traffic to your site. Just make sure that your comments are relevant and helpful. You could also read the comments about this topic here: What is the best way to get backlinks via blog commenting?

Having your own blog would also be helpful in building backlinks. See the posts on this thread: Creating Blogs to get Back Links, is that ok?
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