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How do you get a pic or video next to your link in google?

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How do you get a pic or video next to your link in google?

When seaching things in google you will sometimes see someone who has a tiny pic of themselves next to their link. Sometime you will see someone who has a video next to their link. Both seem to get your attention and probably get more clicks.

So, how are people getting their picture or video next to their link in google?
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Hi Kurt,

For author picture to display in Google search results, you may check the Google Webmaster page on how to properly set-up author information to show in search results.

I am not quite sure how to do this with videos. But you may check the above link to set-up your picture to show in Google pages.

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I submit articles all the time using Google Plus and it seems to be very effective. Many times my article will appear with my picture next to my article. Just set up an account with Google Plus and add your image ( a pic of yourself).

As for videos, submit a video to YouTube and an image of that video will appear next to your article.

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Here's the right way to do it (called authorship) and get all the SEO benefit as well.

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