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How do you brand yourself if you're not an expert?

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How do you brand yourself if you're not an expert?

Hi everyone

i know that branding yourself can bring athority to your website like on the (about me/us) page or in the (sig)
but what should you do if you are not expert in the field that you want to be affiliated with

example-- you set up a dog training website but you are not a dog trainer
even though your not a trainer you still have quality content on your site

also when you write articles if you just put your name than no one will know who you are
but if you put
(yourname, expert dog trainer) it looks better

But once again back to my question if you are not an expert how do you brand yourself
could you on your (sig) say
(YOUR NAME) Long time Dog Taining enthusiast

the product that i am promoting was designed by an expert in the niche
and also the niche has been a long time hobby of mine so i do know a lot about it and have many articles but i am not a "expert" so if i just put my name in the (sig) no one will know who i am.

What are your thoughts?? how do you brand yourself??
my affiliate site is more of a content site than just a (push to merchant site)

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This is just my opinion...

You can either build YOU as your own brand or your SITE/COMPANY as the brand.
Take Mark Ling for example.
He is known as an expert affiliate marketer, But who said he was an expert? Well we did. His success in his chosen field makes him one also.
People also LINK him to the Affilorama brand.
Now, who determines whether you're and expert or not? Well depending on the industry, The Internet public decide it because of a general consensus ( EG: Basket weaving Expert ) or another professional body can decide that your an expert. ( EG: A Golfer )
Having said this... If you think you are an expert... in other words, you are one of the GO TO guys.. then yes.. you are an expert in my books.

Because of the nature of what we do with Niche sites ( As in your example ) It's hard to brand yourself unless you do it in a specific way.
I will give 2 examples...
Let's say youre an avid enthusiast on red socks.
1. You own a Blog called people get to know you as the GO TO guy for info about RED SOCKS and you decide to then open a site called thebluesockexpert as you know all about blue socks as well... pretty soon you will get to be known as the SOCK expert.
You just built yourself as a brand and it is linked to your sites.
People KNOW your name now.

2. You decide to build 10 niche sites... but they are all different.. dogs, socks, solar, food, trees, book binding etc..
You must admit, it's hard to build yourself as a BRAND.
It's best to have different Pen names on those sites and make each site known as the brand.

So, in my opinion... if your not an dog training expert then it's fine to put "Avid Dog training enthusiast "
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Thanks for the reply ya you have the same idea as i thought i would. lol

in all my ezine, website articles and emails (sig) i have been signing like this

My Name

IMO if you have a quality website that can also translate into expert status as well because your opt ins and subscribers will start trusting you if you provide good quality content.

i think i will in my (about me) page start branding myself as a hobbist in the niche.
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