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How do I make an XML Sitemap? I'm using XSitePro2

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How do I make an XML Sitemap? I'm using XSitePro2

just a quick question
when i am doing a page analysis in TT
i try to upload all my websites pages using the (upload from site map) button

but i do not know how to make a xml sitemap with xsitepro2
I do have a googlesitemap.xml.html
but i dont know if that is what TT is asking for because it wont upload

any help please
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You can make an xml sitemap using the Affilorama XML Sitemap Generator at http://www.affilorama.com/webmaster-tools/xml-sitemap-generator
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Hi Nathan,

VERY easy to do. Go into your site, click on the "other" tab. Then select "Search Engine Sitemaps". Then go through the tabs to the end. At the end you can post your sitemap into Google. It's easy and fast. I do it with all the sites I build using xsitepro2.

Best wishes,
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