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How do I increase my page rank?

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How do I increase my page rank?

I have built my own website and it is live for 3 weeks. i have also submitted the website to various directories.
it is already in google, yahoo and bing. but my page rank is zero. what does it mean basically? and what I should do to increase my page rank?

thank you.
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That's covered in the "What is Google PageRank? Is it important?" lesson
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I'm new to all of this as well but i think you could improve your rank by doing search engine optimisation research and then implementing it to your website..HTH
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faradina wrote:That's covered in the "What is Google PageRank? Is it important?" lesson

That's about as succinct as it gets. I've read a lot on SEO and PR (note I said read, not know) and have never seen it as accurately defined in simple language, in so few words. Mark knows his stuff.

Article Marketing and Social Media Marketing efforts also help, though in the end it primarily comes down to content. Quality, fresh, unique content, updated periodically. Some sites can become stale in their content, while others are timeless and maintain ranking without updating or adding to them. The traffic they receive (or don't) on a continual basis determines if they've become stale.
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You can increase the page rank by doing the blogging, articles submitting, directory submission etc.,
Better you purchase the SEO plans at Link removed by moderator .Through this you can increase your page rank easily.
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Create backlinks, article marketing, social bookmarking, submit to url directories. The usual SEO stuff...
To put it simply, the higher your PR, the better your website is. PR 10 is the best. Do your usual SEO stuff to increase your PR!

You can easily find all these SEO strategies, and yes they are really boring and gruelling and require consistent, so if you do have the budget, you can purchase SEO services to automate for you, especially when it comes to creating backlinks as it needs to be consistent on a daily basis.
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I think it's best to focus on getting traffic to your site rather than increase your page rank. Google raises your page rank if they see you have plenty of traffic going into your site for your target keywords. So build backlinks to your site and be proactive in promoting it. Following are some posts in link building that I think will be helpful:

Link Building Tips Audio Interview
9 High Quality Link Building Methods in 2011
Forum Marketing tips and Tricks

Hope that helps. Happy New Year!
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