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How Do I Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

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How Do I Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

If this has to be moved to the proper section it's all good, this section seemed most relevant to my needs since I couldn't find a newbie section.

Hello! My name is Asia, I'm a student of Game Art and Design (video games) and I want to make money online to help pay for my school.

I'm a full time student and took a 3 month leave from my job to focus on school (I'm in my junior year, so things are getting much harder); I'm hoping that I can supply enough of my income through a blog or affiliate site on my own to allow me to stay at home.
I only need to make 400 dollars a month. My husband works full time, and he can manage our major bills on his own, the only bills we can't cover are my school tuition and my transportation. Thankfully we got a savings and I've paid off school till January.

I think my main stumbling block so far is coming up with my niche; what to write about or what to sell/how to sell. I'm wondering if I don't have my wires crossed on blogging and affiliate marketing or how the two combine. I can give an awesome recommendation (I'm told I'd make a great real estate agent) and I like sharing my thoughts on things, but I don't know how to combine those.
Part of me thinks blogging about being a student is a possibility, and/or video games, or things I find online. I like figuring out how to do things, I often want to make things and sell them (if only I had all the materials on hand...), so I've thought a discovery or craft blog, but I don't know if that would be too broad for people. Or would I just make separate blogs for some of those ideas and combine others?
Should I make one site just to generate cash flow and focus on slowly building another better site to be my main site?

Anyway I don't want to blab your guy's ears off, this is just my starting point. I want to give this an honest shot, but I don't want to walk into all this training blind without having an idea of what I'm writing about; and it's hard paying attention to these videos when in the back of my mind I'm still mulling over what to write about...

Anyway Nice to meet you all!
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Hi Asia,

I'm not an Affilorama Premium member so I don't know exactly what the videos have in them, but I'm guessing there should be some on doing Market Research?

maybe something like:

-Finding your "passion" - what do you have knowledge on, what are you good at, what do you like to do?

-Can you create content for the 'niche'? - can you create the content or outsource it easily?

-Keywords - good demand with fewer or not that strong of competition would be ideal for SEO purposes.

-Is there a market for 'it'? - are people looking for it, is it selling, are there many products/services for it?

-What's the competition like? - Is the competition strong, are there a lot of them, are they big or small?

If you need ideas, doing the Keyword part of the research can help you find niches.

I would start with "Game Art Design" and see where that leads, I mean you're paying good money to get educated in it so you must know it pretty good, imagine the people who don't have the teaching that you have but would love to know more about it, you could create the content they want, if there's a market for it that is.

Hope this helps.

What's your Passion?
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Hi Asia
Tankctrlr seems to like giving encouragement, I like that.
I'm in the same bout, just starting out, looking for extra income, build up that retirement nest egg. Been going over the lessons over and over. Playing with Traffic Travis, Google adword, and debugging the computer when I'm not paying attention to whats being download.
If you just what to bounce off what you think you understand, drop me a line. Some times thats all you need, know what I mean? It could help meas well.
Good luck Asia
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I wanted to post a separate thread but adding here:

I've joined the premium free trial. I have the following questions:
1) Where to start? Which video series - Affiliorama free? Or Premium Videos? Or Bootcamp? Or Monthly magazine?

I am not new to Internet marketing and affiliate site building. The reason for my failure all these days is NOT taking action.

Please suggest me where to start, so that I will following exactly what to do and work hard to my first sale.

Affiloblueprint3 would be best I guess, step by step blueprint, but I cannot invest as of now. My plan is to start making money and then invest in affiloblueprint3.

And anyone following only the affilorama free/premium lessons making sales? So that I could get more encouragement :)

Thanks for this wonderful site and giving the newcomers opportunity to succeed!

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Hi Gillespie,

If you are Premium I would watch those vids until your trial ends, then switch to the free vids.

For anyone wanting to go the "free" way to learn things:

*Create a new free e-mail account (g-mail, outlook, etc.)
*Find more affiliate-marketing/traffic/website-building etc., Blogs/sites to bookmark and join their e-mail lists (to get updates, use the e-mail account you created, don't buy anything.)
*Like as many Facebook affiliate-marketing/traffic/website-building etc., Pages and create a list for them, to get updates etc, they will blast you with free content. (don't buy anything.)
*whenever you see a marketer or website giving away a free guide/e-book use your new e-mail and get them, read them, learn from them but don't buy anything lol. (yet)
*watch as many free vids as you can find (youtube)
*Ask questions in forums

*always sticking to the fundamentals of:

1. market research
2. website development (WordPress, HTML/CSS)
3. content creation (text, images, vids, e-books, etc.)
4. Traffic generation (SEO, Social media, Paid advertising, other ways.)
5. Community (building a relationship with your audience> e-mail, social-media, blog.)
6. E-mail marketing (if you can, always be building an e-mail list!)
7. Monetization (the easy part! IF you can generate traffic)

Here's a list of places to learn from to get you started:

There's many more out there!

Hope this helps, now you see why a paid-product is a much faster jump start, but learning for free can be done!

Visit my site when you need content for your sites, see if it's right for you, use this 7-day trial link:
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Hi Asia,

Welcome to Affilorama!

Affiliate marketing is similar to blogging in that you will be creating content for readers/users. The only difference is that you will be promoting products on your website/blog. You can come up with a blog, and from there, you can start recommending and promoting products.

There are many niches you can go into. You need to look at what interest you first, and what you want to pursue. Then do a quick research and see if there is money to be made within that niche. We publish Niche of the Week posts that can give you ideas on how to look for a niche: Is There Still Hope for Cure Anxiety Affiliate Programs?
5 Best "Learn French" Affiliate Programs and How to Promote Them

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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