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How do I delete my account

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How do I delete my account

How do i delete this account as i dont want to learn how to make income on people who rip others off by selling illegal WOW gaming guides, WOW strategy guide
Guys did you ever think of what you were doing to the WoW community and did you realize that yes you can buy these guides yes you can sell them but BLIZZARD the makers of WoW have banned them and anyone caught using them has there account banned. You sign a agreement at the commencement of play did you read it don't use NO THIRD PARTY Addons including addons from curse.com thottbot.com wow guides wow gold guides. did you just chose this because wow was the in thing at the time do you even play world of warcraft, thanks to people like you i have had friends with there accounts banned by buying your stupid guides. so no i dont think this is the right kind of training i am after.
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micheleanne wow expert
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Dear micheleanne,

You have been seriously mislead. You need to go back and read the wow user agreement again. It says nothing about using third party add ons it does however say that you are not aloud to use third party software which interferes with the WoW application. I, in fact, do play WoW. I have never found any of these guides to be violating any part of the game. Much of the information found in these guides is actually found on some of the most popular WoW sites. Blizzard makes no add ons for WoW so why would they implement a system for people to use third party add ons? WoW guides featured in ClickBank have no hacks or addons.... its just a book... a PDF file.... The only "guide" that is an add on is a lvling guide which shows you which quests to do... it doesn't do them for you.... you could get the same information anywhere on the internet ... having it right in your wow interface just makes it more user friendly. So if your looking to take on the whole internet... why start here? Places like wowhead.com and thottbot.com are actually invited to Blizzard press conferences... if they were violating the user agreement why would Blizzard be supporting them? Your "friends" would have never gotten banned for using a gold guide they would have been banned for buying gold form a gold farmer. If you are so concerned with the well fair of WoW you should seriously take some time and actually understand what it is you are complaining about. Aside from that making one post to our forums and taking the time to add a signature to your profile just makes you look like a gutless spammer. Ironically your eye sore of a blog contains advertisements for gold farming websites... funny... no wonder you don't want people to learn how to make gold for themselves... congrats on failing at life.

If you were looking to enlighten us on how we are exploiting a game.... you haven't proven anything except your ignorance.

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I seen this post last night and decided to leave it here.
I don't play the game and I hoped someone would pop up and state some actual stats or facts on this.
Thanks Amanda.
micheleanne, support will delete your membership for you, just go to http://www.affilorama.com/support.
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Some people are so stupid.
A Guide you buy off line or online is just that. it is a guide that tells you out the game. Not some software that will hack into the game. Somehow just cause you buy a piece of paper with writings on it you think WOW is going to know. RUBBISH
and if the guide does tell you to buy gold from a farmer, it is actually you that is in the wrong for doing it, not the guide..
Knowing Mark he would NEVER knownly sell anything that is against human morals. For someone to jump on the band wagon and spit their dummy out like you just have, then I guess you will have a lonely life.
And tell me if I am wrong, but I bet you have bought some other Internet marketing ebook or video or tutorial online. These are just GUIDES.
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I might lock this one up now, kids.
Looks like a troll to me.
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