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How Can I Get My First Sale?

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How Can I Get My First Sale?

Do you guys have any advice on how to get your first sale?
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This is a very common question that has been asked before and will be asked again. If you just do a search here, there are variation of threads relating to your question.

The answer is not as simple as the question. It's not as simple as 1+1=2 or bake something in the oven - food comes out in 1 hour or 2 hours, etc.

It all depends on your efforts. You have free lessons here or you can sign up for AffiloBlueprint if you haven't or go for more expensive AffiloJetpack. I have been following steps in AffiloBlueprint and am building contents & links. AffiloBlueprint is a good Affiliate marketing course that guides you through steps. You could probably try to look for a mentor or a coach. Creating quality contents, building quality links, monitoring on & off page SEO, etc etc are parts of what can get you earned sales/income.

Bottomline is it takes time and effort. Another tip I would give you - do something you love or have interest in where you can devote your time and efforts. It's like taking care of a baby, a plant, a pet, or something that you care.
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For a bright future of the business everybody want the first sale on the
internet.Because sales is directly proportional to the grow of the business.
There are various ways to earn the first sale like sending the free sample of your product to the influencers,start blogging which help to get higher rank on search engine and building an email list for marketing purposes.

https://www.thinsquare.com/blog/top-15- ... irst-sale/
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I would not think much about getting my first sale, especially if I am just starting with affiliate marketing.

Of course, getting your first sale is one of the goals. However, I would rather stay focused on learning my way through affiliate marketing first. Then once I am on the part of marketing my website then I would set up and plan a campaign (possibly with a doable timeline) on how to get my first sale.

The bottom line here is how you set your priorities first. Remember to list down your short term and long term goals. Then also set the things that you need to do first. Soon you will get to the part where you are earning from your affiliate marketing efforts. Everything is a process. Do not expect to get things done right away. Do not expect to see success right away. In affiliate marketing the process and time frame varies for everyone but as long as you set your goals straight and you have the right mind setting to push through whatever odds, then you will soon get to your goals.
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It is a question that everyone wants get quickly path answer. Since I have been starting to do affiliate marketing, it has been only 6 months. But I keep learning, about SEO, links building, content building, newsletter, landing page, every steps seem a long way to go. With luck, first sale was arrived at the first month, only USD 89.95, I still remember. But I think it is a good start.

Just keep moving.;)
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