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How being Robbed changed my Life

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How being Robbed changed my Life

Hi everyone,

We recently got burgled, some thieves decided to break in and go on a robbing spree smashing everything in their paths.

How relentless, how unenlightened, how sick and angry it made me feel.

My feelings however have started to change over the last week, here is a few things I have learnt:

1. Backup everything you do on your laptop! Stupid stupid stupid
2. Love your family and be thankful that no one got hurt
3. God works in mysterious ways
4. Secure your house with CCTV, dont make the same mistake, installing them after the damage
5. Get home insurance and keep your receipts
6. Love thy neighbour
7. The art of moving on
8. How to let go of things
9. Value is not in the gold or other valuables stolen, it is in how you deal with it
10. Let Karma do its work, dont plot revenge! As hard as this one is
11. Dont hide things where you consider covert, these thieves really knew where to look, hide your valuables in the loft, under the floorboards, in hard to get to places.
12. Organise with your neighbours a notification system of building work or other visitors you all might be having
13. Riches are not worth stealing for
14. Never Never Never give up

Stay blessed everyone, this has been life changing.

To the robbers, I hate you for the pain you have caused my family, but within this pain the flickering candle of love and hope will turn to a blaze, the goods you have stolen are disposable, the slap in the face from Karma inevitable.

One love
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I'm so sorry to hear about what happened, Adem :(

But I'm glad that it made you stronger and wiser. And that you and your family weren't hurt. Things can be replaced, people can't.

I'm sure God will give you better things to replace what you've lost.

Stay safe.
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Very sorry to hear that, but it's good that you are able to see what really matters.

*It will be much more than a slap in the face*
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I really thank you for sharing what happened to you and your family here.

It is unfortunate that this happened to you, but it seems that you are taking the positive lessons that you can gain from this experience and moving forward.

If there is anything we can do to help you put the pieces back together, please let us know...
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