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How about a services available section?

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How about a services available section?

Hey all

Just a suggestion.... and maybe it has already been discussed but.....

We have got some massive talent in this group, some of whom are looking for work doing the stuff that others don't want to or can't do yet. From back-linking, article submission, article writing, spinning, building AB websites and everything in between.

Unfortunately most of these great opportunities get lost in the forum, so what if we had a whole section dedicated to services available? That way, when I am ready for Tangoshoes to spin my 30 articles and James to social bookmark or video them I don't have to spend time looking for the original posts.

This would also work for any member who finds that they are suddenly strapped for cash or sees an opening where they may be useful - can easily put up a service.

The best part is that if they are AB/Affilorama members then we know that we are all on the 'same page' and we don't have to train anyone else to our way of thinking ......

Anyhoooo, just a thought.

See ya

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Great suggestion, Chris :)

I have forwarded it to the department concerned.

Take care :)
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That would be great. i offer several services, and it would keep things in one place. maybe there could be 2, so that those that like to offer a special discount to AB or premium members could do so.
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