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Holy Crap - Y'all OK?

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Holy Crap - Y'all OK?

Just been watching on ABC and seeing the devastation down there (again).

I know that the lines are down - and the last thing that you want is to answer a forum post.... but that was bloody nasty, is everyone OK?

If so - are you looking to move out of the mainland yet? (at least Auckland only has a few measley volcanoes to worry about :o)
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Hi Chris,

We do not know yet if our Christchurch-based colleagues are alright or not. We have not yet heard from them and it's not likely that we will hear anything anytime soon unless they get the phone lines and internet to work again. We are hoping and praying for the best.

There's a thread under Affilorama news about the quake.
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I hope and pray that Mark, the rest of the Affilorama Team and others are safe.
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All Affilorama staff and families are safe! Thanks for your concern :)

Mark will write an update on the Affilorama blog later.
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