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Hi everyone, made some good money but want to get serious!

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Hi everyone, made some good money but want to get serious!

Hi everybody,

Just introducing myself... and my story thus far...

I have been studying and applying affiliate marketing since 2006, with my first sale made with a PPC ad. I was doing hundreds of dollars in sales per month until direct linking became less popular with Google. I then tried my hand at some article marketing with Ezine and made some sales through there - my best effort was writing an article about abs... it took me about 30 minutes to write and I ended up with about $120! Stoked as.

I've also got some high traffic articles that remain in Ezine and send me the occasional sale via Clickbank.

Despite seeing money literally flow into my bank account, I am yet to start taking all of this seriously and make enough of an income to create financial independence. I realised tonight that maybe the money wasn't enough of a driving factor for me.

I am hoping that by joining a strong community of other affiliate marketers that I can bounce some of the energy off you guys and make a real go of it.

Look forward to meeting you all.
And if any of you reside in New Zealand - let me know! Always keen for a beer.

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Chase two rabbits and both will escape... - Chinese Proverb

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Welcome to Affilorama Sean.
I love your chinese proverb quote by the way.
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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.

-- Robert Brault
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Yep! Your quote captures the essence of focusing, which is what many of us members need to start doing. Focus, focus, focus....and really work on the important things.
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Hi Sean.

I took a look at your Blog,.....really good.
I added the link to my swipe file.

Take care.
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Welcome, Sean :)
Glad to have you with us!
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Thanks for everyone's comments so far :)
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Chase two rabbits and both will escape... - Chinese Proverb

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Welcome on Board Sean.

Affilorama will take you to the next level.

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Hey Kudos to you Sean you have really done well, most of the people who take up internet marketing usually have problems making just their first sale.

There is onviously something you did which put's you ahea of the pack. You must have just followed the instructions properly and didn't distract yourself, usually by information overload.

I bet since you have done it (make good money) then the second bit should be easier, just repeat and do more of what you have done before, no re-inventing it should be as simple as that.

Now that you got a formula, and a very good story, you can go ahead and create yor own product/s I believe that's where the money is. Just follow what the big boys are doing.

I hope this helps.


P.S. I am new to affilorama, but I see some good info already and want to believe you will get more good ideas here. Keep it up!
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