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Hi, Demian here

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Hi, Demian here


I want to greet you folks and Mark and say thank you for this great site and all the contributions I see in this forum.

I am a complete newbie and a little afraid that I will not be able to fulfill my expectations to make at least 800 Dollars a month. So much stuff to learn!

Also I am a cunfused by all the different options and programs that I see. Where should I invest and what is just a waste of money? And: I am a German-Peruvian and my English is not so good. So I am hoping that I still find a way to work in the English market as well as in German.

A question I have is this: Does any one here has experience to just work with Affilorama in comparision with having the Affiloblueprint package? I tend to want the Blueprint because it seems to help with websitebuilding etc.
But cant evaluate the importance and value of an additional investment in that. Any hints?

to your success,
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I've been trying to learn affiliate marketing for about a year. I've been with Wealthy Affiliates and PPC Classroom. I've also bought Niche BluePrint and was a former GCD member.

AffiloBlueprint 2.0 is the easiest step by step course you will ever get your hands on period!

Budget you need to get started faster:
AffiloBluePrint 2.0 - $197 (closed for now so subscribe to get an email when it will be opened again)
XSitePro2 - $197 (in affiliate marketing you continually will have to find new markets and approach that market. Since we are doing SEO, it is best you have control on how your site is done.)
Unlimited Hosting - ranges from $9.95 up to $14.95 a month
Domain - ranges from $9.99 up to $14.99 per domain per year.

That's pretty much it. Everything else you can do with the help of AB2.0
Good luck!

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Thanks Renato for your reply.

What I don´t get though is your statement about XsitePro2.
Is it that you can have more control over the site (SEO wise) than for example with Dreamweaver?

By the way: Are you coming from a Hispanic background (creo que Renato es un nombre Español.)?
I am feeling insecure about my English writing skills and would like to know other Affiliates who are not native English speakers.

Thanks for the helpful message,
to your success,
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