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Hi all!

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Hi all!

Hi all, new here at Affilorama, and very glad to be here. I completed the mini course days ago and am going to start the 90 course this evening.

I am a member of the Warrior forum (tntrader), was at one time a member of Keyword Avalanche and am on most other IM related forums around the net.

I started my venture into IM on 1/1/06 and talk more about it at my blog:


My main problem over the past 6 months has been concentrating on one thing, as Mark said in a recent email. I am now dedicated to making affiliate marketing work for me. I have been averaging $200 per month from Affiliate Marketing since January and would like to see that number at least at 4 digits by 1/1/07.

I also have quiet a few sites that rely on Adsense and look forward to getting some insight and tips for those as well.

Great to be here!

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Welcome Chris! You came to the right place.
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Gday Chris, you're gonna learn a ton here, just keep working away and you'll be right ;)
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Hey Chris,

Welcome to affilorama!

We're all here to help you succeed, don't forget if you want your site critiqued by me, I'm here to do that too (in the site critiques area).

I've been a little behind on that recently due to me being on the road travelling and my laptop has crashed but once I sort that issue out normally critiques are completed within a week.

All the best!

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Name sounds familiar?

I am ajenterp on Warrior.
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