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Help with product research and marketing methods!

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Help with product research and marketing methods!

Hello all!! I am new to the world of affiliate marketing and have been doing some intense research lately on products to promote. I came across one that's entitled "Pregnancy Miracle," an e-book that helps improve chances of fertility in women. It is the very top rated product on ClickBank under the "Parenting & Families" category, and claims a top affiliate who makes $9700+ daily.

Now, I found this a bit of an outlandish statement so I emailed the vendor directly and received a reply from a senior publisher and advertising consultant for Higher Ways Publishing Inc. and was told the product has several affiliates that make between 100 and 300 sales a day!! At an average of $25 - $45 per sale, you can do the math! Now, they of course weren't able to tell me the exact methods that these marketers use, but did go so far as to tell me that most of the revenue comes from, "SEO, PPC, media buys and massive article marketing (both use intense pre-selling methods on their own landing pages).

Now, that being said, here's my question to the Affilorama world:

Does anyone know who these "super affiliates" might be, or does anyone market this product and can give me some first-hand information about it? Also, I would GREATLY appreciate any and all guidance as to what is the best type of marketing to achieve numbers like this. I really want to make a career out of this if possible, and am looking to invest as small a monetary amount as possible, as I'm still in school so the budget is already next to zero. Right now I am focused on free SEO through Wordpress sites and backlinking, but am more than open to new methods and ideas!

Thanks in advance!
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Although I don't know this specific product, one thing you need to realize is the people pulling in those kind of sales have huge authority in the niche (they started out without those numbers!) and spent years building it. They also probably have some background that helps them such as being a doctor, or having personal or professional experience within the niche.

Most of the top super affiliates are also product owners themselves, and a lot of that is because they are building a huge email list of proven buyers. if you have a list of 100.000 proven buyers who trust your recommendations its really easy to make those kind of sales.

They are probably also paying a lot of money on Media buys and PPC ads. I see a lot of people who make $30,000/month in sales but spend 25,000/month in advertising fees. One thing most of the Gurus fail to tell you is that their numbers are revenue for their business not PROFIT!

Without knowing who those affiliates are, its hard to know exactly what they are doing. I would look for top ranking sites on google. look at review sites that rank highly, and look over the authority keywords in your niche and see what their sites look like. that will give you an idea of what google sees as relevant to your niche.
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To find out more about who these people are, it's a good idea to subscribe to the vendor's affiliate email list. That way, when they are launching a new product or holding a contest, many vendors will publicize an affiliate leader board.

You can use the names on the leader board to get a good idea of who the big players in that niche are and then research them yourself.

Hope this helps :)
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I'll go with Clayton's suggestion and sign up for their affiliate newsletter. Vendor's do send leaderboards during product launches so you will get to see their top affiliates. Try looking for sites that rank first for this product in Google. You might also want to check who ranks for keywords related to this product as well. That will give you an idea of how the top ranking sites for the product are built and how they present the product to readers.

James made a very interesting point and I think this is something we all should keep in mind:
One thing most of the Gurus fail to tell you is that their numbers are revenue for their business not PROFIT!

This is very true and I agree. They say they earned this much for a product, complete with screen caps and everything, but this is gross income so to speak. They still have to take out other costs from that amount.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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