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Help in Choosing Niche for Affiliate Marketing

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Help in Choosing Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Hi all,

Just need some guidance with choosing a Niche/Topic for my affiliate marketing.

Is there any potential earnings, in marketing a topic on a specific health condition, like heartburn or weight loss, where surgery is required.
I have experienced the above issue, and feel I have an advantage on someone just writing about it, but the issue I have is finding a product to market.

Any comments from the experts.
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Hi Brad,

Weight loss is an evergreen niche where one could always find a market. Your particular sub-niche (weight loss through surgery) would be challenging as I don't think that there are a lot of products you could promote. I suggest you look at your journey through weight loss. Look at the diets you've gone through and the exercise routines and machines you've tried. You can write about these and recommend one or two. You can also look at products that you're trying now, or exercise routines you're regularly doing now to keep the weight off. Look at networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction and ShareASale for products.

What is important to know is you have experienced trying to lose weight. This gives you an advantage as this is something you can express on your site, so your site is not just about you recommending products. It's about you sharing your experience, and that is something users can connect with on your site.

We have written several Niche of the Week posts that might help you in going about picking a niche and doing the research. I did one on weight loss a few months ago:
Big Results: Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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one thing I look at is finding things I have a personal experience with that I can help others overcome, and something I would enjoy sharing with friends and family. if you do it right, you can leverage people who already share your interests, like your friends, to begin building your site and getting instant traffic as well as often sales.

if you are going to invest the time into building a business, you might as well focus on something you would want to do anyway.
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Hi Brad,
I wrote a blog on Niche Affiliate Marketing a few days ago. I hope it gives you the guidance you seek.
http://www.empowernetwork.com/eugenio/b ... id=eugenio
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If you have knowledge why don't you start off doing a little keyword research and check out the demand for your niche. Play around with phrases. If the demand is of such then I would go and create a word document around your knowledge and then save it as a pdf and then create a landing page or squeeze page (both the same thing) giving away my report in exchange for their name and email. If you have strong knowledge in the subject matter then go ahead and sell your information tied as a front end offer to your squeeze page. Then you can find and if products are good then go ahead and market to your list and produce back-end sales.
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