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Help: Branding strategy for Clickbank ebooks

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Help: Branding strategy for Clickbank ebooks

I'm a little confused and need some help with web design branding...

I have a goal of building 10 different minisites to sell health-related ebooks within Clickbank. Each site would consist of a traditional sales letter and the affiliate resource area. I won't add a blog.

I've already purchased the domains. Each domain ends with a unique phrase... Think of it something like the 'Dummies series book' i.e. Acne "For Dummies".

Basically my question is whether I should build all 10 websites with the same design elements (background colors, headers, ebook covers, font style/size) to create one consistent brand identity (like Dummies) OR should I make each site look unique?

Any thoughts?
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I believe that brand recognition helps a lot towards making more sales if you have established a good reputation, and for that reason I recommend that you should have some elements that are common to all sites. But you should not make them all look exactly the same. Just make them similar enough so that they recognize that each of the products is from the same good old trusted merchant and put in elements that uniquely identify each product.
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Hi gabby6480,

I think it would depend on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to your project. The quickest and most practical would be to have them all using the same elements. You can create one webpage and use that as a template for all the rest of the other websites.

If you have plenty of time, you might want to customize the websites depending on the topics, then create a single logo/icon for your brand.

Hope that helps. Have a good day! =)
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