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Help and advice on one-time- offer and back-end product idea

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Help and advice on one-time- offer and back-end product idea

I want to become a vendor on Clickbank and sell niche ebooks on how to cure different ailments… like remedies for stuff like; dandruff, cold sores, cellulite, head lice etc.

I’ll open up separate Clickbank accounts and realistically sell each ebook for around $30… so nothing huge.

Since I’m a newbie though, I’m stuck for ideas on OTO’s and back-end products to increase customer lifetime value.

What could I offer them that could compliment my niches? The niches aren’t exactly huge like IM or weight loss where I could find heaps of complimentary products.

Any idea suggestions for these niches or ideas on how I can increase lifetime value for these mini-niches?
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Hi Gabby,
Welcome to Affilorama,

OTO could be anything really. It depends on the market.

ok, I usually give it to people straight and don't beat around the bush so please don't take this the wrong way. I do mean this in a genuine and friendly way.

If you are a newbie then why are you starting off selling your own products?
I applaud your enthusiasm but if you are ready to sell your own products on clickbank then you would not need to ask the question you are asking above, you should already have a good idea due to your past experience with marketing.

That is why Mark recommends people become affiliates first up and at least build a profitable affiliate site so they understand the market and can know the ins and outs of creating your own product down the track and what people like and don't like.

I know we always plug Mark's Affiloblueprint and it can get a bit repetitive saying this however, May I suggest you get Mark's blueprint and see the ins and outs of how he builds niche sites and then once you get a better understanding of what people want, you can move on to your own products.

Kind Regards,

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I couldn't agree more with Troy. It is much better to start off being an affiliate to learn the bigger picture before you start selling products. Testing the market you are thinking about being a product developer in as an affiliate first will allow you to see if it is profitable. If it is then go ahead and spend the time and money and create a product if you choose to. There is no point jumping into a market if you cannot even make any sales as an affiliate.

Of course you could just jump straight into a market and create a clickbank product, but you will learn so much more being an affiliate first and this knowledge can be invaluable when designing a product.
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