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Hey gang ,

I just joined yesterday ... and thought I'd introduce myself. :wink:
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Hello and Welcome to you DubyaMD.

I joined about eight days ago. We are a small group right now, but we are geting bigger everyday. I am a beginer in the affiliate sales business and have not really started into it yet. I have a couple of Adword campaigns going right now, but have no sales.

Are you learning or experienced? If your learning maybe we can help each other along with the other members of the forum, and if you are experienced maybe I can learn from you.

Anyway on behalf of myself and all of the other Affilaroma members, Welcome aboard!!!
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Hey DubyaMD, welcome to the forum!

Check out the upcoming video lessons, mentioned in another post on the forum, and also feel free to message us on the forum if you want help with anything!

All the best!!
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