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Have you made enough money to quit your job?

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Have you made enough money to quit your job?

Hi all,

I was just wondering how many people are making enough money to be able to quit their offline jobs?
How long did it take you to achieve this?

Best wishes,
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I know of a member who did. He made a post on the forum about it. You can read his post about quitting his offline job.
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I am a work at home full time Dad and marketer.
Nice to get up and talk to the lovely members here on the forum in my tracksuit pants and jumper.
although it's getting hot here now in Melbourne Australia so I am now wearing shorts and t-shirt...
Soon it will be in my underwear but I won't put that horrible picture in your head...lol

Affiliate Marketing can be frustrating and you need to read, listen, learn and DO.
You may have setbacks but you just need to keep moving forward.
But hey there's always a JOB right?


P.S I am not bagging jobs..lol I think you just need to do what you love to do in life and if that is your job, all the best to you.
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they were the big things.

-- Robert Brault
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Forget about quitting your daytime job anytime soon, at this rate i will have to get a second job to finance my internet marketing sideline.

I am finding it is not as easy as i thought, i knew it would be a long term (1year) to start seeing good results but after 4 months i am not so sure.
Currently i am spending more on hosting etc. than i'm making. IM is getting more crowded every day as more and more people are turning to the internet as a source of income.
I have found that driving traffic and getting backlinks to your sites are the most time consuming but critical aspects of your IM business.
It's tough.
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It is tough but possible. I think there are 2 parts to consider

1 how much time are you putting into your business. the more you put in focused work (and learning time does not count) the faster your business will grow. It takes time and effort, or investing money and patience to make an affiliate business work.

2. how much do you have to make to be able to reinvest in your business, and replace your current income. When I started, I was working a minimum wage job. Then I got laid off from it. It has been a struggle, but after 5 months i am starting to see results.
And that is a good thing because the progress I see here is much better than the lack of luck I have had trying to find another job. In the end it is all worth the effort it takes. I don't make a lot online yet, but If my recent activity keeps consistent, I can stop looking for a job and focus on my affiliate sites.

If you are new don't focus so much on quitting your job, or how much money you are making. If you were training for a job, you would spend years learning in school before expecting to see the kind of money you want. check out this post I recently made about what you should focus on when starting your new site. Basically you need to focus on what you are achieving and what you can control.
.http://www.imrelations.com/324/how-to-measure-success-in-your-business/ Not sure how to do the hyperlink in the forums, it is different than HTML code. oh well. i will learn. Good luck.
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