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Happy 2010 to all and hoping to end year as AMer

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Happy 2010 to all and hoping to end year as AMer

Best wishes and fortune to all here for 2010.
I am completely new at this. I tried OWM - One Week Marketing - and it did not work for me, I found the material out of date in numbers of places and slightly misleading, e.g. she did things for Nick that took me ages as a neophyte, so the One Week is with her help, not on your own.
Anyway, I found Affilorama through that and joined beginning Dec. I have been very impressed so far with the down to earthness and the support.
Between blizzards, power cuts, the holidays, and problems with WordPress I am still going through Blog Camp #2 but hope to be live early Jan. I am completely self-dependent, doing all my own work - writing, website, etc.
As a beginner I am hoping the Bootcamp will give me some traction with this first foray.
My goal is to write another mail like this at the end of a successful next year that will offer hope to any beginner then.
- Caoimh
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I'm sorry OWM didn't work for you. OWM was the fist e-book I've bought. I loved it. I've made about 5 groups of lens so far and I make about $100/m with those lens. I've been rather lazy with it and haven't done much else because of school. The first month I started on it though I made about $200. I currently and revising my lens and building more to expand in to new areas of the same niches. Now that I've had them for a few months I can start to see where I need to go with it. I've even made over $20 with the squidoo profit sharing alone. If I would not have gotten so caught up in school I would have about 20 more lenses and maybe making a lot more money but life interjects sometimes.

I also was referred here by PotPieGirl. I joined for the Blog Bootcamp because I know eventually I will need to stop leaching off squidoos rep with google and learn the true ranks of website/blog building. I can't tell you how excited I am to get rolling with this blog business. Still waiting for my content to be made.

While OWM is great for beginners and is even better for quick SEO page ranking. (You can get google page one in about 2 weeks using this method for low comp keywords). Leaching off another sites rep is not at all a solid foundation for your business. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned with it and it gave me a good boost and some money to start hiring with. Currently all my profits go back into my business.
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Happy New Year to all and may the coming decade be profitable for all, forum members, staff, and Mark himself!

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