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H1, H2 tags and links

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H1, H2 tags and links

In the wordpress theme when you are creating your links within your article can you make these your H1, H2 tags or do you leave them as straight out links. I dont have any headings as such so can you use these on your links or does this create a problem? It seems to do it on my first link before the fold and then the bottom link it doesnt seem to work.
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i usually just leave them as "normal text" and change the size and bold them. it doesn't really matter if it is in the heading tags or not.
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Generally it's just not really done to make your headings into links, I don't know how Google would see this to be honest, but the normal way is to simply include the links somewhere within your article body as normal text, but try to make sure that your H1 title matches the outgoing link as this will help Google to see that the page your link is coming from is relevant.
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