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Greetings to Mark and everyone from Auckland, New Zealand

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Greetings to Mark and everyone from Auckland, New Zealand

Hi there everyone! I have just joined the program today. Pretty much a last resort thing I guess, after fluffing around on the net this last couple of years not getting very far fast and losing a wad of cash.
A good friend of mine living in Christchurch recommended the program (and will be joining when finances allow).
I must say that I am extremely impressed with what I have seen to date.
Although there is much more exploring to be done, I have found the standard of presentation first-rate and I love the structure.
Being around Mark's Dad's age (slightly older) and also a 'reorganized' ex public servant I can relate very much to how he would have felt before getting involved with the program. If I can achieve the same results in six months that he did in three, then I will be over the moon.
I do feel confident that under Mark's guidance, this time things will work out fine. I guess it's just up to me to go for it and not get distracted by so much of the other hype which is out there.
Thanks again for the opportunity Mark ... my hat off to you for what you have personally achieved and I look forward to meeting you personally some time.


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hey Dale,

Welcome. You're definitely in the right place. How long it takes you to get going will depend on how much you're willing to put in.

Go through the videos and make sure you ask us questions whenever you need to.

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Welcome Dale,

Let us know if you need any help at all.
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Hi Dale... welcome,

You have indeed come to the right place to point your ship in the right direction :) Mark's guidance is invaluable.

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Hi Dale,

Great to have another Kiwi on board. Seems like you've got the right attitude to make this work -- it can be frustrating at times, but be sure you hold onto that attitude. It'll be your greatest asset.

You've probably seen that everyone is very friendly and happy to help out, so feel free to ask questions. Do try your best to ignore the hype that's out there... I know there's a lot of it and I know it's all very convincing, but what you've got here is something that works if you stick to it. If you feel yourself getting sucked into anything, get the opinion of people on this board first :)

All the best!
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Hi Dale,

I joint affilorama recent and live in Auckland too. I hope we can exchange some information and help each other in the future. Good luck on you adventure on online buisness.

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