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Greetings from Texas

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Greetings from Texas

Hello! I signed up to Affilorama a couple of weeks back and have been busy reading the forums and watching the videos to comment here. I found Affilorama through my brother (though he almost kicked me when he found out I googled it instead of waiting for him to send me a link :D )

I tried once before to get into affiliate marketing, but felt the program led new people into completely the wrong market for a newbie and seemed too focused on getting itself promoted than really helping a new person get started. A lot of what I learned here confirms what I thought back then, and goes a step further in showing you how to do things for yourself, rather than depending on someone else's "tools".

I've done a bit of web programming (mostly personal stuff), and done quite a bit of reading there, so I might be able to help answer a few questions there as I'm getting started, but I still feel like a newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Funny thing is, I told my brother that some of what I'm learning now, especially about SEO and a few other things, I wish I had known a couple of years ago, because I had an idea for a site, but not the resources or the know how on how to get it up and running. And part of what I intended to do with it kind of meshes well with what AMers do. :D

I'm saving up my money so I can get AB, because I'm starting to feel that I can really make things happen once I learn how to do that well and have a plan to follow. Still, I feel I've learned a lot, even from the free Affilorama info!

Look forward to seeing more of you in the days ahead.

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Hi bro, and welcome. any questions just ask, these guys are great and I have learned as much from the forums as I have from the videos.
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hi grady ... welcome!

i come from a traditional corporate background myself, working in online marketing and what I learnt in a month here exceeded anything id learnt in the big multi-national for over two years - so there's plenty of good stuff contained on these forums and in marks courses.
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Welcome Grady.

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