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Gravity on clickbank

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Gravity on clickbank

Hello all,

I am newbie in the affiliate marketing thingy, just wondering how much gravity is the ideal level for you guys to market the product?

peace :)
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aveya marketing
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welcome to affilorama forum sakhari.
Everyone has their own starting point on gravity. the tips i have picked up would be starting off at 19# or around that mark. reason why: you have a good idea that whatever number you have picked (lets say 19) 19 different affiliates have sold that product. so i know that the vendor is making money a (week) also affilates. theres more to it than that but thats the jift.

I hope that helped

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Ideally, anything over 30 gravity is a good pick. Of course, gravity is not the only factor to consider.
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It really depends. When starting out, I always went for high gravity products. the problem there is that the higher the gravity, the more competition they will have. also, gravity doesn't tell you whether the product is any good. I have seen some really high gravity products that were total crap, but because some big name gurus recommended them through a training program, they got a lot of affiliates promoting it.

I like to look for lower gravity products, check the sales page to see how well written it is, and contact the product owner for a review copy. Often really low gravity products will be more willing to give out a review copy because they are trying to get more affiliates. sometimes you will find out why they have low gravity, and sometimes you will find a golden nugget product that no one else is promoting. This is great because you can get product specific keywords really easy on those products.
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It basically vary from industry to industry or you can say product to product. for some products the ideal gravity is 4 -5 but for some products it goes upto 30.
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