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I spend hours looking for graphics in the dog training niche on every article I write. I use 3 of the top free pic sites but find myself designing my own in Canva or taking pics of my own dogs and photo shopping them. Is there any free resources out there that I'm not finding or should I hire a graphic designer? This is becoming very time consuming and my biggest obstacle to finishing an article in a timely manner! Any suggestions?
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Try www.stockfreeimages.com. You might probably get some specific dog breeds for your topics. You can sign up for a free membership.

I'm having the same problem too. I find it extremely difficult to get images for my articles. Mine is the muscle niche. I can't quite get specific images for my articles. So I get the relevant images from authority sites through Google and give image credit to them.
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Pixabay might be a really good site to use as they have numerous free graphics and images available for almost every niche.
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