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Got my first check! Woohoo.

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Got my first check! Woohoo.

Well, I come back from walking my dog, and notice there is mail. While walking up the driveway I'm searching through the mail and there it is. An envolope saying "Clickbank.com" addressed to me on it! When I saw it, my dad drove up and I showed him it; "Its fake!" he said, but after going to the bank and taking an hour+ for them to prove it was real I was $88.09 richer. That is only my first check. My next check should be over $400 excitingly. My success is only in writing 2 articles on enzine, being active on Twitter.com, and leaving a link in my signature on forums which all drove traffic to the site through my affiliate link. So for those of you who can't quite afford the Affiloblueprint, this is a good way to do it, and it's how I'm doing it!

I made $88.09

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congrats caleb, just be carefull using affiliate links in forums most forums have rules against it and will ban you for doing it. Make sure you are not breaking their signature link rules. this is one reason why it is recommended to set up your own site, and link to a presell page rather than directly to the sales page with your affiliate link.
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Caleb, this is a great post. It proves that you don't need Google to drive traffic to your site. I have 8 articles in Ezine articles that have earned me over $300.00 since Feb. It's not thousands but I spent less than $20.00. I think that's a pretty good profit. Most of the traffic is directly as a result of those articles.

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