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Googles Wonder Wheel - Are You Using It?

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Googles Wonder Wheel - Are You Using It?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I've been researching the usefulness of Googles wonder wheel. No matter where you are in the stream of your Internet business you will eventually come up with your own keyword research techniques. Some people use Googles keyword tool, others use keyword software such as Mark Lings Traffic Travis.

There are so many different methods that it can get rather confusing.

I'd like to have this thread be one that shares your personal ways of using the Wonder Wheel, why you like it or why you may have decided to stop using it.

I am finding it helpful now in my local SEO business.

What about you?
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I have been useing mostly Word Tracker.

Evertime I use it I come up with dozens of long tail buyer keywords, that don't come up when you type the same root in TT or the google tool. Key words that no-one else are targeting!

I think it digs deeper when other tools go broader.

I was turned onto Word Tracker from the telewebinar in Guru Views http://www.affilorama.com/expert-interviews/alex-goad-super-affiliate-interview (You have to listen if you haven't already)

Traffic Travis is a great tool too don't get me wrong, I use it alot, especially to uncover the competition links.
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Iv been using (only got it a week ago only just been released) it's a new keyword search tool gets all it's data from SEOmoz, google insight n more, also gives exact searches while analysing the top 10, aswel as having wonder wheel feature, finds other competitors keywords. If it keeps working it's magic this will be my only tool.
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You can use Google's Wonder Wheel alongside other keyword research tools or applications you have but I don't think you can rely on it solely when doing your keyword research. It provides you with a graphical representation of inter-related search keywords, but it does not give you an actual number or count for these keywords.
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It definitely helps you analyze all of your content and make sure that your topics are related in Google's eyes, also known as latent semantics.
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Hi there,

Yeah Google Wonder wheel is useful. A long time ago my guitar teacher told me You should learn and master music theory and scales on the guitar. Now im not talking about regular blues scale here im Talking about the 7 scales in the Major Scale :). After that you should completely forget about them and get em out of your head.

That theory i like to apply on Keyword Research too. I mean its a good starting point to learn some basic keyword research. But a lot of time especially in affiliate world products are out before there is any updates to the keyword databases. So I like to do some general research to see if that specific topic is searched for and then i fill my articles with a lot of buying keywords "theme them". I mean after all why go after those fishy general keywords when you can add 50 buying keywords yourself.

There was sometime ago a article on wordtracker on how to optimize your article for 10 000 keywords instead of 1 :) Which is a interesting read.

I do also love the keyword scrape functionality within scrapebox where you can get suggest keywords from a lot of interesting place not just search engines. Like amazon, shopping.com and so on.

Other tactic that i think is underused and is really great but it requires a bit of extra work. That is to check your site after a few months or so. What keywords people are searching for when they are finding your site. Quite often you will find some more interesting topics to write content about or optimize your content for. And thats really laser targeting because it truly is what customers are searching for.
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I like using the wonderwheel to get new ideas. I also like looking at trends, and news going on. For example, one of my friends in the fitness niche keeps track of new movies coming out. When they start promoing a new movie, he goes for the Actor's name + workout routines, and does a lot of research into what they use.

Alot of people do this after the fact, when there is a lot of competition. He does it 4-5 months before the movie comes out, and everyone in the niche is chasing him for the keywords.
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I've been using Google's wonder wheel mainly for lsi keywords. And sometimes I even end up going into different niches than the original niche i was searching through.
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